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Ingleton Quarry, Precambrian
Malham Cove Carboniferous
West Burton Falls Carboniferous
Cleave Dyke Quarry, Jurassic


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Geological Sites

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Reservoir Dams

The south-eastern section of the Your Dales Rocks Project Area, dominated by the various strata of the Millstone Grit Group, is a major supplier of water to Bradford and other areas of West Yorkshire. Angram, Scar House and Gouthwaite Reservoirs are located in Nidderdale together with Thruscross, Fewston and Lindley Wood in the Washburn valley, and Leighton and Roundhill in the Burn valley, a tributary of the River Ure.

In the majority of cases local quarries supplied the constructional stone required. Scar House (Carle Fell Side) Quarry was used for Scar House Reservoir, Woodale Quarry for Angram Reservoir, and Clint Quarry for Leighton Reservoir.


Photo: Scar House (Carle Fell Side) Quarry – Scar House Sandstone


Photo: Rain Stang Quarry – Red Scar Grit