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Ingleton Quarry, Precambrian
Malham Cove Carboniferous
West Burton Falls Carboniferous
Cleave Dyke Quarry, Jurassic


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Geological Sites

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Following the success of Local Biodiversity Action Plans, Natural England has encouraged geoconservation groups to produce Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPs). Local Geodiversity Action Plans set out actions to conserve and enhance the geodiversity of a particular area. In general they aim to:

  • identify, conserve and enhance the best sites that represent the geological history of an area in a scientific, educational, recreational and cultural setting,
  • promote geological sites and make geoconservation relevant to people,
  • provide a local geodiversity audit (an audit of sites and skills)
  • influence local planning policy’.

Providing a framework for the work of the NYGP, and launched in 2007, ‘The Your Dales Rocks Project – A Local Geodiversity Action Plan for the Yorkshire Dales and Craven Lowlands (2007-2012),’ incorporates these aims, to be delivered through five themes:

  1. Partnership and involvement
  2. Site evaluation and geoaudit
  3. Conservation and site management
  4. Education and site use, and
  5. Monitoring and review,

Following a review, the time-scale has been extended, and the area covered by the new Local Geodiversity Action Plan will be widened to include the Vale of York Project Area.


County and district local authorities within the Your Dales Rocks Project Area


The Yorkshire Dales National Park and adjacent Areas of Natural Beauty (AONB) within the Your Dales Rocks Project Area

Click here to download the Local Geodiversity Action Plan PDF

The UK Geodiversity Action Plan

ukgap-logoThe UK Geodiversity Action Plan (UKGAP) was launched in 2010, and provides a framework for enhancing the importance and role of geodiversity across the UK. It may be downloaded from: