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Ingleton Quarry, Precambrian
Malham Cove Carboniferous
West Burton Falls Carboniferous
Cleave Dyke Quarry, Jurassic


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Geological Sites

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Rocks For Us


Although many benefits can be gained from the use of rocks, certain geological conditions can result in geohazards, the most spectacular being volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The presence of igneous rocks in the area, provides evidence of past volcanic activity. Examples include the Devonian Bluecaster dolerite intrusion (37100 49680) in the Taythes Inlier of the Cumbrian Howgills. Devonian dykes affecting the Ingleton Group in the Ingleton area, and the Tertiary Cleveland Dyke at Langbaurgh near Great Ayton. Earthquakes continue to occur but in Britain are usually minor. Today, the principal geohazards occurring in the NYGP area are landslides and subsidence due to the dissolution of gypsum and limestone.

Case study – The September 2010 landslides at Blubberhouses, North Yorkshire


Click on the image above to obtain details of the Blubberhouses landslides

Figure: Types of landslides © BGS (NERC) BGS Landslip Types Large

Case study – Gypsum sinkhole at Magdalen’s Close, Ripon, Monday 17 February 2014


Click on the image above to obtain details of the gypsum subsidence Geohazard in Ripon.

myvolcanoDetails of UK earthquakes both historic and modern can be obtained from the British Geological Survey website at together with information on volcanoes and a volcano app myVolcano.