North Yorkshire Geodiversity Partnership

Ingleton Quarry, Precambrian
Malham Cove Carboniferous
West Burton Falls Carboniferous
Cleave Dyke Quarry, Jurassic


Geological Sites

Geological Sites

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North Yorkshire Geodiversity Partnership Area Timeline

QUATERNARY 54 N 0.012 RECENT(TEMPERATE) Gorge R. Wharfe (Strid)
Waterfall R. Ure (Aysgarth)
River terrace R. Wharfe
Landslide Kirkby Fell
Cave Stump Cross Cave
Limestone pavements Ingleborough
Malham Cove
1.8 ICE AGES(ARCTIC) Glacial deposition Ribblehead drumlins
Norber erratics
Glacial erosion Kilnsey Crag
NEOGENE 24 TEMPERATE LAND No deposits in this area
PALAEOGENE 45 N 65 Intrusion of dykes Cleveland Dyke
CRETACEOUS 142 TEMPERATE SEAS No deposits in this area
JURASSIC 40 N 205 TROPICAL LAND AND SEAS Deposition of sandstones and limestones North York Moors
TRIASSIC 20 N 248 TROPICAL LAND Deposition of sandstones Vale of York
PERMIAN 290 TROPICAL SEAS Deposition of Zechstein magnesian limestones
TROPICAL DESERT Deposition of Appleby sandstones Masongill
CARBONIFEROUS 0 N 354 VARISCAN MOUNTAIN BUILDING Folding, faulting and formation of mineral veins North Swaledale
TROPICAL SWAMPS AND DELTAS Deposition of Pennine Coal Measures Ingleton Coalfield
Deposition of Millstone Grit sandstones Brimham Rocks
Cyclic deposition of Yoredale limestones, mudstones and sandstones Hardraw Force
Aysgarth Trail
TROPICAL SEAS Deposition of Great Scar Limestones Gordale Scar
Malham Cove
Cracoe Reefs
Combs Quarry
EROSION Erosion of ancient basement rocks producing an unconformity
DEVONIAN 15S 417 TROPICAL DESERT Deposition of Sedbergh conglomerate? Sedgwick
SILURIAN 30 S 443 CALEDONIAN MOUNTAIN BUILDING Ordovician and Silurian sandstones and mudstones formed in a deep ocean basin River Rawthey
ORDOVICIAN 60 S 495 Ingleton Waterfalls Trail
CAMBRIAN 545 ANCIENT ROOTS No deposits in this area
PRECAMBRIAN Precambrian? Ingleton Group sandstones and mudstones formed in a deep ocean basin Ingleton Quarry